To Unearth the Bruises Underground: The Fanatical Oeuvre of Steve Aylett (Essay Collection)

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D. Harlan Wilson
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A fanatical satirist and provocateur, British author Steve Aylett writes in multiple genres, usually simultaneously, combining elements of science fiction and fantasy with comedy and a high literary aesthetic. As a result of his unique method of narrative hybridization, Aylett has not garnered much of a readership beyond devotees in underground circles who tend to worship him like a bogie in the sky. He is simply too clever and grandiloquent for genre readers, and he’s too genre for literary readers, infusing his meta-pulp fictions with intricate networks of hi-tech and/or bizarre novums. Like J. G. Ballard, Aylett belies, if not capsizes, formulaic methods and ultimately constitutes a genre in and of himself. A comprehensive study of his singular body of work is long overdue.

Anti-Oedipus Press will publish To Unearth the Bruises Underground, the first collection of critical essays on Aylett. We seek articles between 2000-5000 words on one or more of the following works:

The Crime Studio

THE ACCOMPLICE SERIES (collected as The Complete Accomplice):
Only an Alligator
The Velocity Gospel
Karloff's Circus

Bigot Hall
The Inflatable Volunteer
Fain the Sorcerer
Rebel at the End of Time

And Your Point Is?
Tao Te Jinx

The Caterer
Get that Thing Away from Me

LINT: The Movie

Format submissions according to MLA style and send them to Bill Ectric at The target publication date is June 2014. Submissions will be accepted until October 2013.


D. Harlan Wilson's Diegeses, a doubling of two schiz-flows, is now on Nook as well as Kindle. A full press kit will be available from Anti-Odeipus Press soon. The paperback edition will be published on June 1.


Among A-OP's first ventures beyond Diegeses will be a work of criticism on British author Steve Aylett, whose books include LINT, Slaughtermatic, Novahead, The Complete Accomplice, and many others. The collection will be edited by Bill Ectric. More details soon. If you are unfamiliar with Aylett, check out his website and LINT: The Movie, a documentary of pulp SF author Jeff Lint extrapolated from Aylett's biography. Here's a clip:


Jamie Grefe has written a great review of Diegeses over at Shredded Maps. Here's the short version:

"[H]aunting, perverse, pornagraphic, ultraviolent, funny, and touching."

Here's a longer excerpt:

"D. Harlan Wilson’s Diegeses features two interconnected whirlwind pieces, THE BUREAU OF ME and THE IDAHO REALITY, both of which present a hallucinatory (ir)reality of the self as a performed act caught in the blades of a hyper-Lynchian science-fiction dreamsphere where reality might just be a play . . . Wilson’s prose, constructed through bursts, images, shards and hints, uses bizarre Gordon Lishian connections (Antic Behavior) and beautifully rendered dialogue to keep readers turning pages . . . If this is Wilson’s “Viole(n)t objective” then let me continue to be baffled at how skillfully he has pulled off an undefinable and gorgeous piece of fiction."


"Faces are not basically individual; they define zones of frequency or probability, delimit a field that neutralizes in advance any expressions or connections unamenable to the appropriate significations . . . The face constructs the wall that the signifier needs in order to bounce off of; it constitutes the wall of the signifier, the frame or screen. The face digs the hole that subjectification needs in order to break through; it constitutes the black hole of subjectivity as consciousness or passion, the camera, the third eye." D&G


Diegeses now has a page on Goodreads. Closer to the publication of the paperback edition (probably in June), there will be a giveaway for a few signed copies.

In the meantime, enter the giveaway for three signed paperback copies of D. Harlan Wilson's The Kyoto Man, currently available for preorder in several formats from Raw Dog Screaming Press.


D. Harlan Wilson's Diegeses is now available on Kindle a little ahead of schedule. This is our debut book, an anti-oedipal "double" (i.e., two interconnected novelettes). In the next 2-3 weeks, Diegeses will be out in other ebook formats followed by the paperback edition this summer. Thank you in advance for any reviews you might post on Amazon, Goodreads, etc. We hope you like it.


In February, the Kindle edition of D. Harlan Wilson's Diegeses will be available for purchase at for $4.99. Other ebook versions will follow shortly thereafter. So will the paperback edition, due out in June 2013.

Here is the full jacket cover for the book with artwork by Matthew Revert and Brett Weldele:


"That is what style is, or rather the absence of styleasyntactic, grammatical: the moment when language is no longer defined by what it says, even less by what makes it a signifying thing, but by what causes it to move, to flow, and to explode—desire. For literature is like schizophrenia: a process and not a goal, a production and not an expression." D&G


Anti-Oedipus Press will launch officially with the e-book release of D. Harlan Wilson's Diegeses: A Double, a collection of two novelettes featuring cover art and design by Matthew Revert and Brett Weldele. This will be followed by the paperback edition in the summer. At first we are hand-picking authors to write new work for us, but down the road we will accept general submissions. No agents needed. Agents, in fact, are discouraged. Be your own line of flight.

A-OP publishes fiction, nonfiction, and everything in between and beyond the periphery. Condition: all works must be, apropos, identifiably and dynamically anti-oedipal.

A formal website (www.anti-oedipus.scz or is in the making. We will continue to update the blog as things unfold.


"Judge Schreber has sunbeams in his ass. A solar anus. And rest assured that it works." D&G