Jamie Grefe has written a great review of Diegeses over at Shredded Maps. Here's the short version:

"[H]aunting, perverse, pornagraphic, ultraviolent, funny, and touching."

Here's a longer excerpt:

"D. Harlan Wilson’s Diegeses features two interconnected whirlwind pieces, THE BUREAU OF ME and THE IDAHO REALITY, both of which present a hallucinatory (ir)reality of the self as a performed act caught in the blades of a hyper-Lynchian science-fiction dreamsphere where reality might just be a play . . . Wilson’s prose, constructed through bursts, images, shards and hints, uses bizarre Gordon Lishian connections (Antic Behavior) and beautifully rendered dialogue to keep readers turning pages . . . If this is Wilson’s “Viole(n)t objective” then let me continue to be baffled at how skillfully he has pulled off an undefinable and gorgeous piece of fiction."