Anti-Oedipus Press has informally acquired Laurence A RickelsSpectre, an anti-oedipalization of the Bond oeuvre. Rickels is a literary and media theorist whose books include The Devil NotebooksThe Vampire Lectures, Nazi Psychoanalysis, I Think I Am Philip K. Dick, and many others. He serves as the Sigmund Freud Professor of Media and Philosophy at the European Graduate School in Switzerland. More details soon.


Note this upcoming release from one of our favorite sister publishers:

BOOK: Odd Men Out
AUTHOR: Matt Betts
ARTIST: Bradley Sharp
PUBLISHER: Dog Star Books
GENRE: Steampunk/Alternate History

The Civil War went on far longer than anyone expected, prompting the North and South to call a truce to fight their common enemy: The Chewers – dead men come to life to attack the living. As a result, a peacekeeping force called the Office of Military Operations is created to watch over the tenuous peace.

Cyrus Joseph Spencer didn’t fight in the war and couldn’t care less about the United Nations of America that resulted from it. His main concern is making money and protecting his crew from all manner of danger. To escape a horrible tragedy, Cyrus and one of his wards, Lucinda, board a U.N. dirigible for safety. They quickly discover their situation has not improved as the U.N. team is chasing a group of rogue soldiers in hopes of stopping them from obtaining a terrible weapon.

They also have to contend with a larger threat (Drago del Vapore) a giant lizard attacking the West Coast and wreaking havoc on everything it encounters. As the two sides face off against each other and the huge beast, Cyrus feels more and more like an Odd Man Out and finds it harder and harder to stay out of the fight.


"God to start with is only nerve, not body, and akin therefore to the human soul. But unlike the human body, where nerves are present only in limited numbers, the nerves of God or infinite and eternal . . . I thought I was the last real human being left, and that the few human shapes whom I saw apart from myself—Professor Flechsig, some attendants, occasional more or less strange-looking patients—were only 'fleeting-improsived men' created by miracle . . . I therefore repeatedly went ahead with eating unperturbed, without having a stomach . . . Of other internal organs I will only mention the gullet and the intestines, which were torn or vanished repeatedly, further the pharynx, which I partly ate up several times, finally the seminal cord, against which very painful miracles were directed, with the particular purpose of suppressing the sensation of voluptuousness arising in my body . . . Trying to trace the origin of this idea one must assume some misunderstanding of the symbolic meaning of the act of defecation, namely that he who entered into a special relationship to divine rays as I have is to a certain extent entitled to shit on all the world . . . I can put this only briefly: everything that happens is in reference to me." Daniel Paul Schreber, Memoirs of My Nervous Illness

To learn more about Schreber/Curd, read Diegeses on Kindle or Nook.


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