"God to start with is only nerve, not body, and akin therefore to the human soul. But unlike the human body, where nerves are present only in limited numbers, the nerves of God or infinite and eternal . . . I thought I was the last real human being left, and that the few human shapes whom I saw apart from myself—Professor Flechsig, some attendants, occasional more or less strange-looking patients—were only 'fleeting-improsived men' created by miracle . . . I therefore repeatedly went ahead with eating unperturbed, without having a stomach . . . Of other internal organs I will only mention the gullet and the intestines, which were torn or vanished repeatedly, further the pharynx, which I partly ate up several times, finally the seminal cord, against which very painful miracles were directed, with the particular purpose of suppressing the sensation of voluptuousness arising in my body . . . Trying to trace the origin of this idea one must assume some misunderstanding of the symbolic meaning of the act of defecation, namely that he who entered into a special relationship to divine rays as I have is to a certain extent entitled to shit on all the world . . . I can put this only briefly: everything that happens is in reference to me." Daniel Paul Schreber, Memoirs of My Nervous Illness

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