James Reich, author of Bombshell and I, Judas, has written an excellent review of Laurence A. Rickels' SPECTRE for The Rumpus, rightly referring to Rickels as "The Man with the Golden Pun." Here's a snippet:

"In Fleming’s fiction, the special executive of SPECTRE exists in an ambivalent, anachronistic and absurd position, parallel to the threats of Nazism and the Cold War, just as Rickels’ runs parallel to the auspices of the academy and the pop culture and genre sophistication he revels in. Blofeld’s SPECTRE plots, in their silliness, are demonic camp; so much so that Bond can barely believe that such an organization exists. Just as Rickels couples with Blofeld, so he couples his postmodern riffs on psychoanalysis to SPECTRE. Therefore, this brief new book can be read precisely as one of Blofeld’s moves against Bond: as Special Executive, Rickels gives us Counterintelligence, Terrorism, Revenge, and Extortion. Psychoanalysis is spectral.James Bond is caught, not dangling over a shark tank, but regressing on the couch. 'Cast out,' as he puts it, 'of U.S. academic publishing like an older no-longer-cute pet' and too delightfully devious for Hollywood, Laurence Arthur Rickels now comes to us from a fantastic secret lair. For this, much credit must go to Anti-Oedipus Press in bringing—to mix my thrillers—one of our foremost spies in from the cold."