Our next book, Harold Jaffe's Induced Coma: 50 & 100 Word Stories, is now available for preorder. The official publication date of the paperback edition is August 1, 2014. The kindle edition will follow shortly thereafter. Review and desk copies will be available soon. Contact Stan Ashenbach at if you are interested in reviewing or possibly teaching the book.


Here is the official press release for Harold Jaffe's Induced Coma: 50 & 100 Word Stories:


We are pleased to reveal the cover of Harold Jaffe's upcoming book, Induced Coma, beautifully designed by Bradley Sharp:

A semi-sequel to the visionary Anti-Twitter: 150 50-Word Stories, Induced Coma: 50 & 100 Word Stories once again features Harold Jaffe writing to the Nth power, taking as his subject no less than the benighted globe. Including published mainstream narratives and “news” articles from the US and abroad, the collection covers an extraordinary range of subjects—activist art, global warming, revolution, the entertainment industry, and the freakishly banal happenings of our day-to-day lives—all of which the author deconstructs to expose their ideological subtexts in uncanny ways. Satirical, critical, tragic and ruminative, Jaffe works every register masterfully. Induced Coma is a singular tour de force composed by one of the most innovative writers of our generation.

“Upending the notion of 'flash' by installing a cryptic directness that tells of our times unflinchingly, without artistic fluff or emotional posturing, Jaffe has continued his venturesome break with tradition in Induced Coma. They’re not sleepers; these miniature anti-fictions give maximum pleasure. They also create unease and awareness. Absorb them.” —Stephen D. Gutierrez

“A wonderfully prismatic insight into the current mania of our society, Induced Coma simultaneously offers a comment on the reductivism of Twitter culture—and exponentiates the form to a level of psycho-philosophical prose poetry, with infinite nuances and ironies.” —R. Sebastian Bennett

“Harold Jaffe’s Induced Coma makes 'news of the weird' not only not-weird but also not-news. In other words, Jaffe has brilliantly turned all our news into weird news." —Mark Yakich


In 2015, A-OP will publish collection of essays on the fiction of Steve Aylett. One of the essays, Robert Kiely's Clusterbusting Hallucinations: Speed in Bigot Hall, appears online at The Literateur. Aylett scholars and fans will enjoy it.


The following A-OP titles are part of the Kindle Matchbook program whereby if you purchase the paperback edition (or if you have purchased it in the past) you can also get the kindle edition for free.


An in-depth and insightful review of Laurence A. Rickels' SPECTRE appears in the April issue of Artforum. Here's a blurb:

"Rickels lays out James Bon's milieu, the Cold War, as a burial site for the unprocessed losses of World Wars I and II. . . . SPECTRE's wealth of evidence allows us to read the Bond stories, and those of SPECTRE in particular, in an increasingly broad register: first as Fleming's autobiography, then as an autobiography of the postwar era, and finally as an allegory for the childhood construction of object relations and their connection to fantasy, fear and death."


D. Harlan Wilson's "exercise in contemporary idiocy," Primordial: An Abstraction, is currently available for preorder. The official publication date of the special paperback edition is July 4 followed shortly thereafter by the kindle edition. Advanced reader copies will be available in early May.


Lance Olsen will be giving readings in Buffalo, Boston and Cleveland on behalf of his new novel, Theories of Forgetting (Fiction Collective 2), and [[ there. ]] (Anti-Oedipus Press), a critifictional meditation on curiosity, travel and innovative writing practices. Here are the details:

3 April 2014 • 8:00 p.m.
Western New York Book Arts Center
468 Washington Street
Buffalo, NY

7 April 2014 • 5:30 p.m.
MIT Building 14E, Room 310
160 Memorial Drive
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA

8 April 2014 • 7:00 p.m.
Rodman Hall, Meeting Room A
John Carroll University
University Heights, OH