Laurence A. Rickels will be reading from and signing copies of Germany: A Science Fiction at renowned San Francisco bookstore City Lights in February 2015. He will do likewise at several other bookstores in southern California during a lecture circuit. Germany is a follow-up to I Think I Am: Philip K. Dick (University of Minnesota Press 2010). Here's a brief description:

"In I Think I Am: Philip K. Dick, Laurence A. Rickels investigated the renowned science fiction author’s collected work by way of its relationship to schizophrenia (as concept and condition). In his new book, Germany: A Science Fiction, he focuses on psychopathy as the undeclared diagnosis implied in flunking the empathy test. The switch from psychosis to psychopathy as an organizing limit opens up the prospect of a genealogy of the Cold War era, which Rickels begins with a reading of Dick’s THE SIMULACRA and follows out with readings of Simulacron 3, Fahrenheit 451, The Day of the Triffids, This Island Earth and Gravity's Rainbow, among many other genealogical stations."

The hardcover edition of Germany will be available in November 2014.