WIPs Journal has conducted a short interview with Harold Jaffe about Induced Coma, coming from Anti-Oedipus Press in August. Here's an excerpt:

"JAFFE: The world is perishing and we’re being fed bromides. Long before global warming the British socalist thinker Raymond Williams wrote that if there were a great and vast peril, world leaders would do one of two things: lie about it to service their constituency and maintain status; or simply, stupidly, not comprehend the peril. Williams was right. We are compelled to witness the consequences of global warming in banally capitalized ways: pop movies featuring post-apocalyptic zombies; biological humans miming cyborgs for an inorganic protection; undisguised economic cruelties toward the disadvantaged."

Read the full interview here.

Induced Coma is currently available for preorder. Read excerpts from the book here.