A new review of D. Harlan Wilson's Primordial: An Abstraction has been published in The Small Press Review. Here's the introduction:

"Academia's reputation has suffered in the twenty-first century: more competitive, yet less rigorous; fewer faculty positions, yet a more bloated and overpaid administrative class; prestige replaced with politics. D. Harlan Wilson illustrates this de-evolution with a Kafka-esque edge in Primordial: An Abstraction. Eighty-some-odd (and odd) chapters follow the narrator as he, stripped of his doctorate for "practicing a questionable pedagogy" and "writing a toxic strain of theory", is forced to return to university to re-earn his degree. It's the same basic premise of NBC's 'Community,' but this version of a return to college is less sitcom and more a cynical nightmare."

Read the full review here.