D. Harlan Wilson's Primordial: An Abstraction is among Verbicide Magazine's Top 11 Books of 2014. The compiler of the list has this to say:

"Making fun of academia is great, and this is the novel I’d been waiting for because it does exactly that, but with enough intelligence that any reply is impossible. D. Harlan Wilson is one of the wittiest writers working today, and this one is as personal and smart as it is wild and funny."


The hardcover edition of Laurence A. RickelsGermany: A Science Fiction will be officially released a bit later than expected in March 2015, although preorders should be delivered in February. After Germany, our next title will be the paperback reprint of Kim Stanley Robinson's irreal fantasy novel A Short, Sharp Shock. The reprint will include an introduction by Robert Crossley, author of Imagining Mars: A Literary History, as well as a study guide for use in the classroom.


Jeff Bursey has written a cogent review of Lance Olsen's [[ there. ]] for The Quarterly Conversation. He concludes that "amidst the darkening thoughts in [[there.]], Lance Olsen continues to rely on art for warmth, to help make sense of life and death, and to retain a purchase in an ever-moving world in which we are all travelers." Read the full review here.


Here is the official press release for our next title, Laurence A. Rickels' Germany: A Science Fiction. The hardcover edition is currently available for preorder directly from A-OP. We offer free shipping for all of our titles.


The November Goodreads giveaway for D. Harlan Wilson's Primordial: An Abstraction is now complete. Congrats to the winner. An autographed copy will be sent to you directly.