Advance reader copies of James Reich's Mistah Kurtz! A Prelude to Heart of Darkness have arrived! Best read in the light of a Tiffany lamp with a Picasso hanging on the wall in the background.

Desk copies remain available for reviewers. Preorder the novel here.


The paperback edition of Harold Jaffe's Death Café is now available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It can also be purchased directly from Anti-Oedipus Press via PayPal; as always, we offer free shipping. The kindle edition is on sale for $2.99 throughout the holidays and is free with Kindle Unlimited.


Here is the press release for James Reich's upcoming prelude to Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness, Mistah Kurtz!


Here is the preliminary full jacket for James Reich's Mistah Kurtz! A Prelude to Heart of Darkness. The novel will debut in March at the annual AWP convention. Advance reader copies are now available for reviewers. Email or


Cynthia Reeser, editor-in-chief of Prick of the Spindle, publisher of Aqueous Books, and author of Light and Trials of Light has written an excellent blurb for our latest title, Hope Jennings' Nostalgia:

"Hope Jennings' always self-aware writing reminds me of my personal criteria for reading fiction—that it be entertaining, and that it be intellectually stimulating. Nostalgia hits the mark on both points. Jennings has created, in her fictional biography of Mina Loy, a captivating biopic that is as cinematic as it is poetic, as engaging to the imagination as a tumble down the rabbit hole."


"I witness my world as an outsider, slipping out of my skin, observing my pale alienage, my transit, and my station. Out there, the Company men are beetles pushing shit. They bore recklessly into the slop of the earth, hesitating only to witness the cryptic tunnel collapsing slowly behind them. I am a fly, buzzing my own embodiment, a thousand eye lenses aghast. What is Kurtz? Company man, poet, cannonball, or feral god—we shall find him out." —Mistah Kurtz!

Coming in March 2016 from James Reich.


"Accidie," a chapter from Laurence A. Rickels' schizoanalysis of the James Bond oeuvre, SPECTRE, was recently translated into Swedish and published in Subaltern. Rickels has also been interviewed in the German magazine Tages Anzeiger about SPECTRE and the upcoming film. Read the interview here.


Our next title, Harold Jaffe's Death Café, a collection of fictions and docufictions, is now available for preorder. Here is the press release:


We are very happy to announce that Hope Jennings' debut novel, Nostalgia, a fictional biography of Mina Loy, is now available for purchase in paperback and kindle formats, the latter of which is on sale for $2.99.


The blurbs continue to roll in for James Reich's upcoming novel Mistah Kurtz!, coming from AOP in early 2016. Here's the latest from Malcolm Mc Neill, artist and author of Observed While Falling: Bill Burroughs, Ah Pook, and Me:

"I kept stopping to reread sentences and sometimes whole paragraphs—not because they were difficult to understand, but I couldn't believe the writing was that good. It's an incredibly well-crafted, uniquely insightful book. Mr. Reich set himself a formidable task and he accomplished it with a masterful piece of fiction.”


Matt Bell has written a great blurb for James Reich's Mistah Kurtz!:

"In Heart of Darkness, Marlow tells us that Kurtz's voice 'rang to the very last,' hiding 'in the magnificent folds of eloquence the barren darkness of his heart.' In Mistah Kurtz!, James Reich turns back the clock to give that eloquence fresh room, bringing to new life one of the great characters of literature by channeling Kurtz's insistent voice directly onto every inch of these fantastic pages."

Bell is the author of Scrapper, In the House Upon the Dirt between the Lake and the Woods and Cataclysm Baby. Misty Kurtz! will be out in early 2016.


The new anti-oedipal edition of Barry N. Malzberg's Beyond Apollo is now available! Thanks to everybody who made this reprint happen, namely Matthew Revert (cover), James Reich (introduction) and Joe Pudlewski (copy).


Laurence A. Rickels' Germany: A Science Fiction has received a superb review in theory@buffalo. Here's an excerpt:

"It could be said that each of the fictions in Rickels’ treatment present an allegorizing logic meant to contain the disaster of the failure to mourn. In two senses: of the 'disaster' in and as the repeated failure of mourning, and of the disastrous real of mourning as failure, a constitutively impossible obstacle to mourning’s ownmost possibility. Rickels is as univocal as Freud in this regard: because death is, for the unconscious, an impossibility, it is always in the context of the encounter of mourning that this impossibility is repeatedly staged . . . Rickels' work continues to seek where it cannot help but find, to our uncanny bewilderment and edification, the catastrophe in our midst."


Below is the press release for Beyond Apollo. Advance reader copies are now available for interested reviewers and professors. Contact Stanley Ashenbach at


Here is the full jacket for the upcoming anti-oedipal edition of Barry N. Malzberg's Beyond Apollo, beautifully designed by Matthew Revert. Advance reader copies will be available soon. Check out the novel on Goodreads. We are now accepting preorders.


The Goodreads giveaway for Laurence A. Rickels' Germany: A Science Fiction is now complete. Congrats to Christine LaRue of Elverta, California, who won a free paperback copy. Keep your eyes peeled for future giveaways. The next one will be for our special paperback reprint of Barry N. Malzberg's Beyond Apollo, winner of the first John W. Campbell Memorial Award for Best Science Fiction Novel in the early 1970s.


A thoughtful review of Harold Jaffe's Induced Coma: 50 & 100 Word Stories has been published in Kenyon Review. Here's an excerpt:

"Jaffe has steadfastly continued to write fiction that is formally and conceptually adventurous while at the same time advancing a radical sociopolitical critique that portrays US culture in the most starkly unfavorable light. . . . These stories challenge literary convention, but this is done less in the name of redirecting or refreshing literary practices than of calling attention to the cultural and political depredations of the world we live in, forcing our awareness that they are depredations, so that, presumably, we might do something about them."

Read the full review here.


James Reich has received a great blurb for his newest novel:

"Mistah Kurtz! is not only satisfying because it reintroduces us to an adored classic but because it takes us so convincingly someplace new. The deceit, longing and mosquitos are so thick you’ll grip your chair and slap at your ankles. " —RAMONA AUSUBEL, author of No One is Here Except All of Us and A Guide to Being Born

Coming from AOP in March 2016.


The paperback and kindle editions of Laurence A. RickelsGermany: A Science Fiction are now available! This title is part of Amazon's matchbook program and the kindle is free with any purchase of the paperback or hardcover.

As with all of our titles, the paperback and hardcover editions of Germany may also be purchased directly from AOP. Shipping is free. Order here.


In the wake of the hardcover edition, the paperback and kindle editions of Laurence A. Rickels' Germany: A Science Fiction will be published on June 1. Free desk copies are available for interested reviewers and scholars. Contact publicity manager Stanley Ashenbach at


Recently Harold Jaffe's Induced Coma received high praise from Chicago Review. Here's a snippet:

“While Harold Jaffe’s writing has been dubbed 'literary terrorism' by numerous critics (and even his own publishers), one would find it difficult to categorize Induced Coma: 50 and 100 Word Stories, his most recent volume of docufiction, as terroristic. Rather, Jaffe’s meticulous deconstructions of main- stream “news” articles and various other online and print sources demonstrate the consciousness of an artist who is struggling with, as he calls it, 'writing in a dying world.' The terror is therefore not of Jaffe’s conscious doing, but the result of his ability to remove the blinders set forth by a rapidly deteriorating culture, one that does not want to acknowledge the extent to which it has succumbed to various millennial diseases: virtual solipsism, televised suicide, crimes against the environment, repressed sexuality, and an increasing discon- nect between cultures, within families, and ultimately, from oneself. . . . Because of his ability to be simultaneously transparent and dreamlike or mystifying, one cannot escape the inclination to place Jaffe alongside Borges—or, in his more 'terroristic' criticisms, Foucault. Ultimately, Jaffe’s newest collection upholds his reputation as a master of literary activism, not terrorism: he does not disappoint readers seeking the ideological truths belying a diseased surface culture."

Read the full review here.


There's an excellent new interview with novelist James Reich in Jackalope Magazine regarding Mistah Kurtz!, a reimagining of Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness. Read it hereMisty Kurtz! will be Reich's third novel and is slated for publication by AOP in March 2016.


During his American book tour for Germany: A Science Fiction in February, Laurence A. Rickels was interviewed by Eric Detweiler, the host of a podcast called Rhetoricity. The title of the interview is "The Outer Limits of Psychoanalysis." Listen to it here or on iTunes.


Our reprint of Kim Stanley Robinson's A Short, Sharp Shock is up on Amazon now. The official publication date it May 1. Preorder the book here. Desk copies are available for reviewers and professors who may interested in teaching it. Constant publicity manager Stan Ashenbach at


All AOP ebooks are fairly cheap on Kindle, ranging from $4.95 to $9.95. Throughout April, however, all of our ebooks will be on sale for $0.99! Check out these titles in particular:


Here's the first trailer for the upcoming Bond flic:

To get a theoretical edge on the film, check out AOP's inaugural title, Laurence A. Rickels' SPECTRE, a schizoanalysis of the Bond oeuvre.

Find out more about Rickels and his work at


Here is the preliminary cover for James Reich's Mistah Kurtz!. Malcolm Mc Neill, author of Reflux and Observed While Falling: Bill Burroughs, Ah Pook, and Me, has this to say about the novel: 

“A phenomenon, a tour de force; James Reich has written a masterpiece.”

Coming in 2016.


We're so happy to announce an additional AOP acquisition for 2016.

James Reich is the author of the novels Bombshell (2013) and I, Judas (2011), and he teaches creative writing and literature at Santa Fe University of Art and Design. Find out more at his official website.


Recently we slated two additional books for publication in 2016. One is Harold Jaffe's Death Café. Here's the preliminary book description:

"Death Café resumes and refines Harold Jaffe’ s ongoing anatomy of the world in pain. Featuring nineteen innovative fictions and docufictions set in Africa, Europe, China, India, the Middle East and the benighted USA, the collection explores issues of global warming, political defiance, committed art-making, dream space, and speculative discourse. As always, Jaffe works his literary voodoo in variable, pitch-perfect tonalities that are uncannily formulated and contain equal doses of razor-edged satire and compassion."

In 2014, AOP published Jaffe's Induced Coma: 50 and 100 Word Stories.

The other book we will be publishing is To Unearth the Bruises Underground: Dissecting Steve Aylett. Edited by Bill Ectric, this is the first full-length collection of essays, reviews and other criticism on Steve Aylett's incomparable oeuvre, which includes masterworks of satire, absurdity and metafiction like LINT, Slaughtermatic, Novahead and The Accomplice Series.


Here are a few more pics of Laurence A. Rickels reading from and signing copies of Germany: A Science Fiction earlier in February at Villa Aurora in Pacific Palisades. The hardcover edition is now officially out.


We're very proud of this preliminary cover for the AOP reprint of Barry N. Malzberg's Beyond Apollo, beautifully designed by the multitalented Matthew Revert. This edition includes an insightful introduction by James Reich and a new interview with Malzberg himself.

We will release the novel this summer. In the meantime, check out the website for the upcoming film version of Beyond Apollo:


The co-reading and talk with Laurence A. Rickels and James Reich last night at City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco was well-received and attended. Reich read a new science fiction story and Rickels read from Germany: A Science Fiction. Then there was an hour-long discussion and Q&A. Below are some stills from the event.

Before the reading. Rickels & Reich (left) talking to the owner of City Lights, Peter Maravelis.

Q&A with Rickels.

Rickels (right) talking with painter Ron Linden & artist/gallerist Habib Kheradyar.

Rickels & Reich + Goethe & Schiller

Reich & Rickels: they won't do watcha tell them.

The official publication date for the hardcover edition of Germany is March 1 (although it is already listed for sale on Amazon). Paperback desk copies remain available if you are interested in reviewing or teaching the book. Email publicity manager Stan Ashenbach at


Later this year, we are proud to be publishing Hope Jennings' novel Nostalgia, a metafictional biography of Mina Loy. Jennings is an Associate Professor of English at Wright State University, where she directs the Women Studies Program. Find out more at her official website:


There are 10 autographed copies apiece of D. Harlan Wilson's Primordial: An Abstraction and Diegeses: A Double. These copies are available at no additional charge if you purchase them directly from AOP. As always, we offer free shipping.


We have a new email:

Please direct all general inquiries and correspondences to this address. Thank you.


Here's the official press release for our reprint of Kim Stanley Robinson's A Short, Sharp Shock. The novel is now available for preorder directly from A-OP.


It seems that Wes Andersen is a fan of Anti-Oedipus Press author Harold Jaffe's writing and patterned F. Murray Abraham's character Mr. Moustafa after Jaffe in The Grand Budapest Hotel. Look at the evidence—it's difficult to deny . . .

Check out Jaffe's latest book from A-OP, Induced Coma: 50 & 100 Word Stories.


The formal itinerary for Laurence A. Rickels' February 2015 book tour has been finalized and now includes dates, places and times.


Here is the official announcement for Laurence A. Rickels' appearance at Villa Aurora in Los Angeles on February 14 to promote Germany: A Science Fiction and SPECTRE:


Among the many venues that Laurence A. Rickels' will appear on his book tour for Germany: A Science Fiction is the renowned City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco on February 19 alongside novelist James Reich. Learn more about the event here.


In February, Laurence A. Rickels will be touring the United States to promote SPECTRE and Germany: A Science Fiction. Here are some of the places and dates he will be making appearances:

February 9
Art Center College of Design
7:30 p.m.
Pasadena, CA

February 12
A Reading & Conversation with Jonathan Lethem
Pomona College
4:15 p.m.
Claremont, CA

February 14
Book Reading & Signing
Villa Aurora
6:00 p.m.
Los Angeles, CA

February 15
Co-Reading with Molly Bendall
Poetic Research Bureau
2:00 p.m.
Los Angeles, CA

February 16
Book Signing
7:00 p.m.
Los Angeles, CA

February 17
University of Texas
4:30 p.m.
Austin, TX

February 18
Book Signing
The Hole in the Wall
Austin, TX

February 19
Co-Reading with James Reich
City Lights
7:00 p.m.
San Francisco, CA


Free paperback advance reader copies of Laurence A. Rickels' Germany: A Science Fiction are currently available for interested reviewers and scholars. Email Stan Ashenbach at