Here's the first trailer for the upcoming Bond flic:

To get a theoretical edge on the film, check out AOP's inaugural title, Laurence A. Rickels' SPECTRE, a schizoanalysis of the Bond oeuvre.

Find out more about Rickels and his work at LARickels.com.


Here is the preliminary cover for James Reich's Mistah Kurtz!. Malcolm Mc Neill, author of Reflux and Observed While Falling: Bill Burroughs, Ah Pook, and Me, has this to say about the novel: 

“A phenomenon, a tour de force; James Reich has written a masterpiece.”

Coming in 2016.


We're so happy to announce an additional AOP acquisition for 2016.

James Reich is the author of the novels Bombshell (2013) and I, Judas (2011), and he teaches creative writing and literature at Santa Fe University of Art and Design. Find out more at his official website.


Recently we slated two additional books for publication in 2016. One is Harold Jaffe's Death Café. Here's the preliminary book description:

"Death Café resumes and refines Harold Jaffe’ s ongoing anatomy of the world in pain. Featuring nineteen innovative fictions and docufictions set in Africa, Europe, China, India, the Middle East and the benighted USA, the collection explores issues of global warming, political defiance, committed art-making, dream space, and speculative discourse. As always, Jaffe works his literary voodoo in variable, pitch-perfect tonalities that are uncannily formulated and contain equal doses of razor-edged satire and compassion."

In 2014, AOP published Jaffe's Induced Coma: 50 and 100 Word Stories.

The other book we will be publishing is To Unearth the Bruises Underground: Dissecting Steve Aylett. Edited by Bill Ectric, this is the first full-length collection of essays, reviews and other criticism on Steve Aylett's incomparable oeuvre, which includes masterworks of satire, absurdity and metafiction like LINT, Slaughtermatic, Novahead and The Accomplice Series.