Cynthia Reeser, editor-in-chief of Prick of the Spindle, publisher of Aqueous Books, and author of Light and Trials of Light has written an excellent blurb for our latest title, Hope Jennings' Nostalgia:

"Hope Jennings' always self-aware writing reminds me of my personal criteria for reading fiction—that it be entertaining, and that it be intellectually stimulating. Nostalgia hits the mark on both points. Jennings has created, in her fictional biography of Mina Loy, a captivating biopic that is as cinematic as it is poetic, as engaging to the imagination as a tumble down the rabbit hole."


"I witness my world as an outsider, slipping out of my skin, observing my pale alienage, my transit, and my station. Out there, the Company men are beetles pushing shit. They bore recklessly into the slop of the earth, hesitating only to witness the cryptic tunnel collapsing slowly behind them. I am a fly, buzzing my own embodiment, a thousand eye lenses aghast. What is Kurtz? Company man, poet, cannonball, or feral god—we shall find him out." —Mistah Kurtz!

Coming in March 2016 from James Reich.