Advance reader copies of James Reich's Mistah Kurtz! A Prelude to Heart of Darkness have arrived! Best read in the light of a Tiffany lamp with a Picasso hanging on the wall in the background.

Desk copies remain available for reviewers. Preorder the novel here.


The paperback edition of Harold Jaffe's Death Café is now available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It can also be purchased directly from Anti-Oedipus Press via PayPal; as always, we offer free shipping. The kindle edition is on sale for $2.99 throughout the holidays and is free with Kindle Unlimited.


Here is the press release for James Reich's upcoming prelude to Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness, Mistah Kurtz!


Here is the preliminary full jacket for James Reich's Mistah Kurtz! A Prelude to Heart of Darkness. The novel will debut in March at the annual AWP convention. Advance reader copies are now available for reviewers. Email or