James Reich's prelude to Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness, Mistah Kurtz!, has been selected as one of Cultured Vulturesbest books (so far) of 2016. See all of their selections here.


Our next title, Norman Conquest's Corn on Macabre & Other Conundrums, a collection of absurdist tales, will be out soon. Here's the book description:

These nineteen “invasive” fictions were discovered in that portion of the brain that is continuous with the spinal cord and comprises the medulla oblongata, pons, midbrain, and parts of the hypothalamus, functioning in the control of reflexes and such essential internal mechanisms as respiration and heartbeat. Here you’ll find kernels of fact hidden inside an impenetrable shell of steely myth. Each text has been seasoned with artificial ingredients designed to feed a nation at war with itself. As the author has said, “This war of words is hell!” And who better to hurl transformative hand grenades than Norman Conquest, PrĂ©sident and Fondateur of Black Scat Books.

Corn on Macabre is now available for preorder.
One of our authors, Laurence A. Rickels, has a new book coming out on Hitchcock, slasher films, psychopathology, vampirism et al. via Columbia University Press. Here's the description:

"The Psycho Records follows the influence of the primal shower scene within subsequent slasher and splatter films. American soldiers returning from World War II were called "psychos" if they exhibited mental illness. Robert Bloch and Alfred Hitchcock turned the term into a catch-all phrase for a range of psychotic and psychopathic symptoms or dispositions. They transferred a war disorder to the American heartland. Drawing on his experience with German film, Hitchcock packed inside his shower stall the essence of schauer, the German cognate meaning "horror." Later serial horror film production has post-traumatically flashed back to Hitchcock's shower scene. In the end, though, this book argues the effect is therapeutically finite. This extensive case study summons the genealogical readings of philosopher and psychoanalyst Laurence A. Rickels. The book opens not with another reading of Hitchcock's 1960 film but with an evaluation of various updates to vampirism over the years. It concludes with a close look at the rise of demonic and infernal tendencies in horror movies since the 1990s and the problem of the psycho as our most uncanny double in close quarters."

Preorder The Psycho Records at Amazon.


We are happy to announce that Jonathan Lethem will be stepping aboard the AOP train. In October, we will release The Blot, an epistolary exchange between him and Laurence A. Rickels that sets the scene for Lethem's upcoming novel A Gambler's Anatomy.

Here is a preliminary statement about the book from Rickels:

"Some time ago, while Jonathan Lethem was in Berlin and his new novel, A Gambler's Anatomy, to be released October 18, was in progress under another title, The Blot, we supplied a conversation for the catalogue to the exhibition Checkpoint California. Lethem's novel triangulates, via Singapore, the bicoastal logic I once pursued in The Case of California. The exchange continued to grow and now that growth will be going public in the fall."

Stay tuned.