AOP editor-in-chief D. Harlan Wilson is happy to announce that we received a grant from Wright State University-Lake Campus to fund the operations of of the press in 2017. The Lake Campus is now an official sponsor of AOP. Monies will be used to host a booth (#252) and author signings at the annual AWP convention in Washington D.C. alongside Raw Dog Screaming Press. Among the books we will publish are paperback reprints of Barry N. Malzberg's The Falling Astronauts and Revelations. Moreover, soon we will be putting out a Call for Papers for a Norton Critical Edition-like collection of Malzberg's masterwork SF novels—in addition to the aforementioned titles, Beyond Apollo and Galaxies, both of which are currently available in anti-oedipal formats with insightful introductions by James Reich and Jack Dann and beautiful cover designs by Matthew Revert.


In August and October, Jonathan Lethem will be doing a book tour for A Gambler's Anatomy. The harcover edition will be published this month by Doubleday. Last month, AOP was proud to publish The Blot, a supplement to the novel in which Lethem engages in an extended philosophical dialogue with cult theorist Laurence A. Rickels. Foregrounding the introjections between California and Germany, they address a range of ideas, subjects and figures, from B-movies, science fiction, Wile E. Coyote and the Devil to trauma theory, Freud, Hitchcock and German Expressionism. Here are the tour dates:

Monday, October 17: Asheville, NC

Tuesday, October 18: Chapel Hill, NC

Wednesday, October 19: New York, NY

Thursday, October 20: Boston, MA

Monday, October 24: Los Angeles, CA

Tuesday, October 25: San Francisco, CA

Wednesday, October 26: Berkeley, CA

Thursday, October 27: Salt Lake City, UT

Saturday, October 29: Chicago, IL
Chicago Humanities Festival

Friday & Saturday, November 4: Portland, OR