In August and October, Jonathan Lethem will be doing a book tour for A Gambler's Anatomy. The harcover edition will be published this month by Doubleday. Last month, AOP was proud to publish The Blot, a supplement to the novel in which Lethem engages in an extended philosophical dialogue with cult theorist Laurence A. Rickels. Foregrounding the introjections between California and Germany, they address a range of ideas, subjects and figures, from B-movies, science fiction, Wile E. Coyote and the Devil to trauma theory, Freud, Hitchcock and German Expressionism. Here are the tour dates:

Monday, October 17: Asheville, NC

Tuesday, October 18: Chapel Hill, NC

Wednesday, October 19: New York, NY

Thursday, October 20: Boston, MA

Monday, October 24: Los Angeles, CA

Tuesday, October 25: San Francisco, CA

Wednesday, October 26: Berkeley, CA

Thursday, October 27: Salt Lake City, UT

Saturday, October 29: Chicago, IL
Chicago Humanities Festival

Friday & Saturday, November 4: Portland, OR