Legendary author and editor Michael Moorcock has this to say about James Reich's Soft Invasions:

"In his exceptionally well-written novel, at times lyrical, elegiac, and even mystical, James Reich asks some profound questions about time and identity. This fast-paced book is a meditation on history and human relationships which will keep you thinking and reading to the last page."


We are now accepting preorders for our next title, James Reich's Soft Invasions. John Madera had this to say about the book:

"Soft Invasions is a powerful fusion of noir, thriller, and historical fiction, sentence after sentence evincing great style and intelligence, its metaphors as refreshingly unusual as they are perfectly realized. Think Nathanael West, Graham Greene, and Joseph Conrad. With a pre- and post-Pearl Harbor bombing Los Angeles as its backdrop, Reich deftly explores peculiarly American anxieties and prejudices, while theorizing about identity, doppelgängers, mirrors, artificiality, consumerism, and militarism. So much darkness in this book, which is often countered by light, albeit light, and often sunlight, that blinds, that scorches. So much violence in this book, its unflinching depictions of war and empathetic rendering of a ritual disembowelment and subsequent arson particularly noteworthy. The novel’s jumping backward and forward in time is engagingly disruptive, its 'momentum' further disrupted by nightmares, or are they hallucinations? Finally, its ending(s), which mirror(s) the novel’s various doublings, is nothing short of masterful. Highly recommended."


Our next promotion is on October 13. Download for free the kindle edition of Lance Olsen's There, a critifictional exploration of what happens at the confluence of curiosity, travel, and innovative writing practices.


Throughout the rest of the year, AOP will be running a number of kindle promotions during which you can download our titles for free. The next promotion will be on October 9 for Laurence A. Rickels' SPECTRE, a schizoanalysis of the James Bond oeuvre.


Desk copies of James Reich's Soft Invasions are now available. Send us an email if you are interested in writing a review.


The kindle edition of Harold Jaffe's Sacred Outcast: Dispatches from India is now available. If you are enrolled in the Kindle Unlimited program, it's free with the purchase of the paperback.


Here's the full jacket for Soft Invasions beautifully designed by Matthew Revert. Advance reader copies will be available soon.


We're happy to share the press release for our next title, James Reich's Soft Invasions, with an afterword by Laurence A. Rickels. Advance reader copies will be available soon.


We're very proud to reveal the cover for our next title, James Reich's novel Soft Invasions, which will appear in December. Cover design by Matthew Revert. This will be the second anti-oedipal book by Reich after Mistah Kurtz! A Prelude to Heart of Darkness.


Our latest title, Harold Jaffe's Sacred Outcast, has been reviewed in Poetry International. Verdict: "We need more authors like Harold Jaffe who find the courage to stand up against men like the Modis of India and others who are drunk with power and remain blind to the world around us." Read the full review here.


Here is the press release for our next title, Harold Jaffe's Sacred Outcast: Dispatches from India. This is the third book of Jaffe's we have published after Induced Coma in 2014 and Death Café in 2015.


Lately we have been receiving a number of unsolicited submissions. Thank you for your interest, but AOP is backlogged several years and closed to unsolicited submissions for the near future.


Here is the press release for the anti-oedipal reprint of Barry N. Malzberg's The Falling Astronauts:


AOP author Harold Jaffe talks about his latest book and other work in this interview for New Orleans Review.

Later this year, we will publish Jaffe's Sacred Outcast, a collection of docufictions based upon his studies and travels in India.