City of Boom

Anti-Oedipus Press • 2019
Paperback: 120 pages • 5 x 8 • $13.95 • ISBN 978-0-99-915353-6
Kindle: $5.95


A banished criminal. Two demons, a maiden, and a beast king. A holiday devoted to arson. Adventures in adult babysitting. Drugs, sex, and violence ... In this innovative collection of short fiction, Bonnie Bee performs a delicate vivisection on pop culture and our collective unconscious to create myths out of common moments and legends out of unremarkable people. Through ancient allegory, modern celebrity, corrupted Shakespeare, and the shimmering oppression of West Texas, City of Boom reveals what we inherit from generations before us while showing how we cut out what’s dead to repair the living.


City of Boom is loaded with hallucinatory wit, the precision of a natural writer’s aim, and a poet’s pleasure in fucking with space. Bonnie Bee has a rare sense of dialogue, and her stories are like perfect films that don’t want to be reeled in. This is a challenging, electrifying debut!” —JAMES REICH, author of The Song My Enemies Sing, Soft Invasions and Mistah Kurtz

"Reminiscent of Dennis Cooper, City of Boom is a gritty and unflinching ride through the human condition." —C.V. HUNT, author of Ritualistic Human Sacrifice and Hold for Release Until the End of the World

“Bonnie Bee has created a true anthology mixture of realism-rife-reality and highly-perceptive human natures clashing in spirited chaos. Each story is unique and takes me to a place I want to go where the people strive to live and thrive despite themselves ... These stories are fun and slightly harmful to the truths we must all face.” —CHRIS EYRE, director of Smoke Signals

“Words that seldom find the light of day
That play on flesh the sensate clay
Conversations with ourselves
Only for the internal ear
Written in mind-speak
Bold and clear for all to hear
The words of Bonnie Bee.” —GODFREY REGGIO, Director of The Qatsi Trilogy


BONNIE BEE is an award-winning writer, wannabe playwright, and a sometime filmmaker. Their work has been seen in Glyph Literary Magazine, Bad Pony Mag, and Grotesque III: Season of the Zine. They were born in the year of our lord 1983, just after midnight under a full-moon, in a conservative Texas city. Bonnie’s mother craved only pork ribs and raw onions when they were in the womb, and their very first offering upon entry to this world was to shriek over the disturbance. After speeding away from Texas, they traversed the country eastward and back, before settling in northern New Mexico. In 2015, they received a B.A. from the Santa Fe University of Art and Design, and it snowed the day of their graduation in May. Bonnie uncovers the details of their history (real and imagined), trauma, and healing through the striations of their writing. Foolhardy and overgrown, visceral and intimate, and content to live outside expectations, they exist as a shy tumbleweed punk who’s likely to be seen wall-hugging, taking pictures of cats at house parties, or not seen at all. IG: @bonniebeewrites.